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For every episode we deliver, Hunt A Killer will help solve a real life murder mystery cold case.

How it happens

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    Join the Hunt A Killer community alongside tens of thousands of others just like you and await your monthly episode delivery.

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    For every episode we deliver each month, we'll donate fund to the nationally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit Cold Case Foundation to help solve real life murder mystery cold cases.

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    As our community grows, so does our impact. Cold Case Foundation helps fund cases that have gone cold over the years to ensure justice is served once and for all.

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The Impact Cold Case Foundation

A disturbing study of FBI records found that since 1995 the national average of solved homicides in the United States is only 64% - leaving 36% of murders unsolved annually. This mound of unsolved Cold Case murders has a compounding financial and workload effect on police departments and the respective personnel assigned to work them.

Cold Case Foundation, a nationally recognized 501(c)3 non-profit organization, is dedicated to stopping the deadly compounding effect of cold cases and providing hope and resources to families affected by the violent crime. The Cold Case Foundation is devoted to raising public awareness and creating partnerships to assist and provide law enforcement whatever resources are needed to bring about closure.

For every episode of Hunt A Killer we deliver, we will help fund the cold case efforts at Cold Case Foundation.

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